Custom Software

Our ability to provide custom software to customers delivers benefits that meet the exact requirements of the organisation. Application software that DM&T provides also benefits from our ability to customize those applications as well.

Creating software that meets customer expectations requires good collaboration and communication between users, developers, and any third-party organizations.

Developing a working group sharing knowledge, getting buy in from operations will deliver quality software that will add value to the organisation.


Connecting systems to each other delivers many advantages for organisations that have existing applications. Users can have the ability to communicate with all systems easily, data is shared between the applications, allows for incremental growth and saves cost.

All applications at DM&T supports strong integration. Whether it is a simple file / database integration or using an API. Our APIs work with most third-party applications. DM&T provides integration support to IT professional and other software application companies.


We use GPS hardware fabricated by us or from a third-party vendor. This will tell you where the vehicle is located but that is just one data point that the solution delivers. Our devices have as many datapoints as required connection points that deliver engine data (ECM), status of a myriad number of components on the vehicle and driver information.

Communication with the vehicle is supported by cell coverage, Wi-Fi and satellite.

The Winter Operations Report (WOR) was developed (format based on MTO reporting requirements) to give timely reporting during the active season.

Road Compliance

Our ROADA solution meets the Ministry’s Minimum Maintenance Requirements (MMR O.Reg 239/02) and then some. The design allows for customization by individual customer to meet local requirements.

Tight integration to controllers in the vehicle provides for very accurate data flowing back to the database in real-time. This ability allows customers to be confident that the data collected via our solution meets or exceeds the MMR.

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